Electrify Your Home

Join us for a deep dive into the steps you can take to move toward a net-zero carbon footprint using an example of an Englewood, Colorado home that's in the process!

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Are you concerned about climate change but not sure what you can do about it? Are you confused about if gas or electric appliances are better? Should you go for a furnace or a heat pump? Gas cooktop or electric?

Join me for a talk with Christine Brinker. Christine is a Denver homeowner. Her family is taking steps to eliminate the need for gas by switching to an electric heat pump and taking other measures.

This is episode 14 of the Climate Action Homes podcast, hosted by Joan Gregerson, REALTOR and International Real Estate Advisor with eXp Realty in Denver.

Register for live events on Eventbrite to join the Zoom meeting. Stay on for Q&A and networking after the event to talk about anything around creating homes that help ourselves and our planet thrive. www.climateactionhomes.com/events

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Christine Brinker is Senior Buildings Policy Manager for SWEEP’s Buildings Efficiency program, where she specializes in commercial building energy efficiency, including high performance buildings, benchmarking and transparency, state and local policies, net zero buildings, beneficial electrification, and commercial building energy code adoption and compliance. She’s been with SWEEP for 15 years, and before that worked at ESOURCE advising utilities on clean energy technologies and distributed energy strategy. She also spent two years living and working in Niger, West Africa, teaching environmental science in French and Zarma. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with Distinction with a BA in Economics and Environmental Policy from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she focused on clean energy economics and sustainable energy policy.

Her work at SWEEP involves helping state and local governments plan or improve energy efficiency policies and programs for the built environment, helping local jurisdictions update their energy codes, writing state legislation, serving as an expert witness for bills or dockets, designing and expanding benchmarking and transparency policies, pushing appliance standards, facilitating networks of local officials and industry stakeholders, designing outreach materials and strategies, and delving into new and innovative energy efficiency tactics.

When she’s not thinking about buildings efficiency, she’s rebuilding her house, biking Denver’s many trails, or hiking in the Colorado mountains.


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Climate Action Homes is focused on the three pillars of People, Planet, and Prosperity. Joan Gregerson combines her role as a real estate agent with her background in building energy engineering and sustainability to help people find and create homes they love.

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