4 Innovative Rebate Programs

Tune in to find out about four innovative rebate programs available to help make Colorado homes more eco-friendly:

  • Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency: $9 million of instant rebates for ebikes, electric heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, split systems, wiring upgrades and more
  • Xcel Energy: Marshall Fire Recovery incentives for homeowners or new residents - $10K - $37K
  • Aurora Water: Water-wise Landscape Rebate of up to $3,000 for removing turf
  • Federal Investment Tax Credit: 26% in 2022

SHOW ME THE MONEY! Want to make an impact but think you can't afford it Think again! With a few phone calls and searches, you can find the money. Whether you want to get solar on your home, buy an ebike, or replace your furnace with a heat pump, you may be surprised how much money is available to help you do it! We'll also dive into rebates for decreasing your water use and creating a flourishing ecosystem in place of that lawn.

0:00 Intro - Joan Gregerson, eXp Realty, www.climateactionhomes.com

2:00 Why it matters? IPCC report: worse than we thought, cities are our source of hope, window of time is closing

4:00 1. Denver CASR Instant Climate Action Rebates for ebikes, heat pumps, solar

7:00 2. Xcel Energy Marshall Fire Recovery Incentives

10:00 3. Aurora Water Water-Wise Landscape Rebate for turf replacement

13:00 4. Extension of the Federal Investment Tax Credit for solar

15:00 It's worth making a few phone calls!


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